All Portable Phoropter Stands 
Portable Phoropter Stands
Examining eyes in all cornes of the world.

Sturdy, light weight (12 pounds), complete with spring arm with a vertical travel range of 17", assembles in less than 5 minutes.
T-01H  (Big-Foot)
Sturdy, 26 pounds, designed for the military complete with spring arm with a vertical travel range of 17".  Does not require counter weight and has padded swivel shoes.

Removable leg extension allows
you to pack into one case along with your phoropter and spring arm,
all in one.  Sturdy, light weight
12 pounds.

The Morrell spring arm has
a 18" vertical travel range
and can be locked in place. 
Move up and down effortlessly
to examine children or adults.
BP-01  (Bi-Pod)
Fully portable, 100% wheel chair accessible, extremely sturdy, wheels and locks for easy positioning. Pack in 2 cases with the spring arm and your phoropter.  Assembles in 10 minutes or less.
TT-01  (Table Top)
Compact and conveniently portable, place on any flat surface, patients can be sitting or standing.  The spring arm easily accommodates adults or children, carry in your suit case along with your clothes.
CS-15  (Table Clamp)
Our most compact phoropter stand
Extremely sturdy, light weight, completely portable, heavy duty double lock table clamp prevents pivoting and holds the phoropter securely in place.

WM-05  (Wall Mount)
Place your phoropter & spring arm flat against the wall when not in use.  The WM-05 wall mount also has an optional extension which allows the phoropter to be placed up to 43" from the wall to the center of the phoropter.
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Phoropter Case C-114
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